Bat-Psycho  JAMES HOLMES claims therapist drove him to massacre midnight moviegoers.

IN a bombshell twist, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that the cowardly “Batman” killer James Holmes is now blaming his therapist for spark­ing his horrific killing spree at a Colorado movie theater!

The 24-year-old psycho – who’s so deranged that he’s repeatedly tried to kill himself – makes the ridiculous claim that his shrink programmed him to spray the theater with bullets, killing 12 people and injuring 58 more, a jail insider with a deep knowledge of Holmes’ four months in lockdown told The ENQUIRER.

“Holmes said he initially went into the theater for the sole purpose of finding his therapist, who he believed would be waiting there for him,” the insider revealed.

“While he said he was programmed to commit a shooting spree, he wasn’t exactly sure if he was supposed to do it on that particular night.

“But once he got inside the theater, Holmes claimed that he heard something in the movie’s musical score that told him it was time to shoot certain people, though not everyone.”

According to authorities, the demented grad school washout bought a ticket for the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” at the Century 16 theater in Aurora on July 20, took a seat and then walked out through an emergency exit 30 minutes later.

The murderous lunatic dressed in black tactical gear, put on a gas mask and retrieved his weapons. Then he re-entered the theater through the emergency exit, threw down gas canisters and opened fire, say the authorities.

Holmes initially blasted away with a shotgun and then switched to a high-capacity assault rifle.

When the rifle jammed, the heartless fiend drew a handgun and continued to spray the theater with bullets as panic-stricken movie-goers raced for the exits, the authorities allege.

On his first night behind bars at the Arapahoe County Jail, Holmes – a former University of Colorado graduate student in neuroscience – desperately tried to kill himself, according to the insider. “The nutcase was ramming his head and body into the walls, and wailing on impact like a caged wild animal,” said the source.

Holmes talked to an inmate in an adjoining cell through a ventilation pipe and recounted in perverse detail how he killed his first victim, the source added.

“Incredibly, Holmes said he didn’t mean to shoot that particular person but was too amped up on adrenaline to take good aim,” said the source.

“He showed no emotion in describing how the bullet hit the victim in the eye, and it exploded like glass. And he didn’t even wince as he recalled seeing brain matter splatter on the people sitting directly behind the person. After that, he said everything was just a blur.”

The monster has been caged ever since that fateful night, and has tried to kill himself several times. On Nov. 13 he was taken to a Denver-area hospital after repeatedly bashing his head into the walls of his cell, resulting in the postponement of a Nov. 15 court hearing. “Holmes knows he’s a marked man in jail,” said the source. “He lives in constant fear that other inmates will retaliate for his actions. It’s only a matter of time until someone hurts or kills him – unless he manages to kill himself first.”