Canadian hottie Genevieve Sabourin , 40, accused of stalking ALEC BALDWIN and his wife Hilaria rejects plea deal.

​She would rather go to trial.

The deal that had been offered meant no jail and no criminal record for the pretty blond thesp, who has claimed she had a tryst with Baldwin in the fall of 2010.   

Baldwin admitted to no more contact than taking Sabourin out to dinner once.

She also claimed a romantic e-mail, phone and Facebook correspondence with him for months afterward, even as he was dating future bride Hilaria.

The case against her now goes to trial.

“We are ready for trial,” lawyer Rick Pasacreta declared on behalf of Sabourin.

 “We are fully prepared to face the charges, and we believe strongly that she will be vindicated and that jurors will see this case for what it was: a bad breakup.”

“I think it's a very offensive offer," the pretty blonde told reporters outside court, saying a jury acquittal is the only way she can begin to "get my life back."

Sabourin told media outside the courthouse, "I've spent my retirement plan," on travel and legal expenses. "My house is gone. I'm homeless right now. I am two weeks at a friend, two weeks at another friend. I move every two weeks."

Then she pulled out of her handbag a copy of Baldwin's paperback, "A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce." The book bristled with Post-It notes.

"This explains everything," she winked.