Robyn Gardner, Gary Giordano

Weeks after being freed from an Aruban prison, suspected murderer GARY GIORDANO was trolling for kinky  new sex partners at the same adult web site  where he met missing blonde beauty ROBYN GARDNER!

Gardner’s been looking for dates on Adult Friend Finder – the SAME website on which he met Robyn Gardner from Maryland, who went missing after traveling to Aruba with Giordano this past summer.

The 50-year-old businessman even attempted to ar­range a sex tryst with a former member of the site, but he imme­diately stopped posting when his identity was questioned.

“Gary didn’t want anyone to know that he was back on the site cruis­ing for sex,” an AFF member told The ENQUIRER. “We texted for a while and spoke several times on the phone.

“I was completely shocked when he asked if I would be willing to have a meeting with him. I’m thinking, ‘I could be talking to a murderer here, and he’s trying to pick me up!’ ”

Giordano contin­ues to claim that Robyn, 35, disap­peared while the two of them were snorkeling in Aruba on Aug. 2.

Since his Nov. 29 release from a jail on the Caribbean island, he has given TV interviews in which he’s speculated that Robyn may have been the victim of human sex traffickers.

“Aruban police are utterly convinced that Gary caused Robyn’s disappearance, either through murdering her or selling her to traf­fickers,” an Aruban source told The ENQUIRER.

 “But without a body and more evidence, there is nothing they can do. They had to let him go.”

And now that he’s free, he’s not talking.

“He said that what happened was a ‘tragedy’ and that he misses Robyn, but that’s it,” the source added.

 “He’s convinced that his legal troubles are far from over, and he doesn’t trust anyone.”