Drug Scandal Rocks Prince Harry’s Paternity Party

Drug detection wipes prove prince’s preferred pub is filled with illegal residue.

drug scandal rocks prince harrys paternity party pp1

Reformed party animal Prince Harry is set for a showdown with wife Meghan Markle over any plans he may have to celebrate their baby’s birth at a “drug den” bar!

A National ENQUIRER investigation has revealed one of Harry’s favorite London watering holes, The Sands End, is awash with residue from illegal drugs!

drug test prince harry drug den cocaine


Sources said the royal redhead is still a regular at the pub that was once owned by his look-alike “second father” Mark Dyer.

A team of ENQUIRER investigators recently rubbed the pub’s toilet lid and window ledges with drug-detection wipes.

drug test prince harry drug den cocaine


A swab indicated the presence of cocaine and other deadly drugs, including crack, a type of date-rape substance, and methadone, which is used to wean addicts off heroin.

“Meghan won’t want any of it around her baby and is likely to try and ban Harry from going there,” a palace insider snitched.

“But Harry wants to celebrate his firstborn at his favorite pub, and he’s not likely to stop going to The Sands End without a fight!”