This Wedding Takes The Cake!

This wedding takes the cake ne short

Weddings are often a cause for a few happy tears, but nothing compares to the sugar-sweet ceremony that quietly took place in an Albany, N.Y., hospital room.

A big-hearted nurse made a four-year-old cancer patient’s wish come true by “marrying” her!

Cutie pie Abby Sayles, who suffers from pre-B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, has a huge crush on her nurse Matt Hickling.

When Abby, who is receiving chemotherapy treatments, told her mom and Lori Ciafardoni, another nurse at the Melodies Center at Albany Medical Center, the secrets of her tiny heart, they swung into action.

It didn’t take much to persuade Matt.

“Our patient shyly asked me to marry her,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “I didn’t hesitate to say yes.”

In less than a day they put together Abby’s dream wedding. A florist donated a bouquet for Abby, who wore a white dress, and a boutonniere for Matt, who wore a T-shirt tuxedo.

The hospital staff and patients played guests, while nurses acted as bridesmaids as Abby walked a floor scattered with rose petals.

“I got a huge hug and we sealed the deal with ring pops being placed on our fingers,” Matt wrote.

Added Abby’s mom: “We are both in awe from today’s visit and smiling ear to ear and blessed to have all these people in our lives.”