Hillary’s Murky Mob Connection!

Hillary clinton short

Former first lady Hillary Clinton has been caught with the son of a notorious Mob boss!

The bombshell world exclusive photo was shared with The National ENQUIRER by a source who said: “If the email fiasco wasn’t bad enough, now it appears she was ‘mobbed up!’”

Hillary was snapped in 2007 with Giovanni Gambino, 41, the son of alleged mafioso Francesco “Ciccio” Gambino, while campaigning for the 2008 presidential election.

“Giovanni owned a pizza parlor in South Carolina. He read that Hillary was going to be in town so he went to the Charleston Place Hotel, where he met her,” said the source.

At the time, Francesco was serving a 30-year sentence on drug trafficking charges.

During his 1989 trial, his defense hinged on mistaken identity — and not being one of “those” Gambinos — but crime fiction author Giovanni has recently copped to his don dad’s connections.

The pair reportedly chatted for 45 minutes, and Giovanni told her that “in return for helping his father get an early release by way of a presidential pardon, Giovanni would get several of the Italian-owned pizza parlors in South Carolina to vote for her.”

Hillary lost the primary to Barack Obama, and Francesco died in prison in 2012.

But Hillary “promised Giovanni if she was elected president she would ‘do everything in her power to help out his mobster father,’” revealed the insider.