Hillary Clinton’s Violent Rages & Fits Of Paranoia Are Exposed In Explosive Tell-All

Hillary Clinton is mentally unstable and unfit to become president of the United States — that’s the explosive charge in a bombshell new book that will blow up her dreams of winning the White House!

Biographer Edward Klein’s shocking tell-all, “Unlikeable — The Problem With Hillary” will not hit shelves until Sept. 28, but The National ENQUIRER was able to secure an advance copy before any other news outlet.

Edward learned from sources deep inside Clinton’s inner circle that her campaign is covering up shockingly violent incidents from her time as secretary of state that prove how easily the 67-year-old former first lady became unhinged and exhibited violent psycho behavior!

In a stunning disclosure, Edward writes that Hillary accused President Barack Obama himself of leaking stories about her email server to the media, demanding that the commander-in-chief “Call off your f*cking dogs!”

Hillary suffers from “paranoia,” according to Edward, and “would order high-ranking deputies and under secretaries to leave the room in the middle of meetings because she suspected them of being spies.” She erupted “in rages,” Edward claimed, citing a phone argument with top presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett in which “Hillary threw a heavy water glass across her office and sent shards flying.”

Another time, while fighting on the phone with the president, “She took her right arm and cleared off her small working desk, sending pictures, glasses crashing.”

At home, Edward said her husband, former President Bill Clinton, 69, trashed her in verbal attacks that left daughter Chelsea accusing him of “bullying” her mother. The author said cruel Bill went so far as to tell Hillary she looked old and should “get a face-lift.”

Stung by the criticism, Hillary hired a New York plastic surgeon to perform procedures in secret at their Chappaqua, N.Y., home, away from the eyes of the media.

Nevertheless, Bill told her she’s a “highly unlikeable” candidate. So the highly charismatic former prez arranged for her to get “likeability lessons” from their longtime Hollywood pal, director Steven Spielberg. Hillary sends videos of herself to the blockbuster director who apparently has teams of coaches critique her to make her better on the campaign trail.

The couple, nonetheless, continue to fight with each other every chance they get.

Klein writes that after The ENQUIRER reported last January that Bill flew around the world with a twisted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, and his teenage girlfriend she stormed into his office, slammed a glass sculpture to the floor and shouted: “’This can be as bad as the (Monica) Lewinsky mess. How can you be so smart and so f–king dumb?’’