First Responders!

Cops And Firemen Rescue Boy’s Birthday

Surprise guests give lonesome kid the best day ever!

cops firemen rescue boys birthday texas

Pizza and cake awaited, but — just like two years earlier — no one showed up, leaving a devastated 8-year-old birthday boy to wail, “This always happens!”

“He said it in the most broken voice I’ve ever heard,” reveals Jennifer Day, mother of heartbroken Graham Day. “It happened once before, but this time something snapped in me and it was like no, this is not happening to him again.”

First, Day jumped online and posted a message on the Nextdoor neighborhood website, asking people to come over and show Graham “that he’s loved and valued as a person. NO gifts are required other than the gift of friendship.”

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Then she drove to the Hurst, Texas, Police Department and asked if one officer could swing by and see Graham, who’s always wanted to be a lawman.

It didn’t take long for the cop to arrive, The National ENQUIRER learned, and he brought a few friends — the station’s entire shift, with a few firefighters in tow!

The everyday heroes lined the street with patrol cars and fire trucks as they stepped inside to eat cake and sing “Happy Birthday” to the awestruck boy.

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“By the end of it, I think he forgot that his friends didn’t come over for his birthday,” winks Day. “He was so happy.”

Officers said they “were honored to attend Graham’s 8th birthday party!” on the department’s Facebook page.

Still, says Day, “There’s no way I can repay what they did for his little broken heart. Something like this, it literally guts you as a parent because you can’t fix it, at least in that moment.But the Hurst Police Department and the Hurst Fire Department, they went above and beyond and made his day.”