PRESIDENT George W. Bush will be holding a losing hand in November’s election — because he can’t beat Senator John Kerry‘s “royal” flush!

That’s the prediction from a royal genealogy expert who says likely Democratic nominee Kerry is sure to win because he’s got more blue blood than Bush!

In every single presidential race since George Washington, the campaigner with the most royal blood wins, he says.

In an exclusive Planet Tab interview, Harold Brooks-Baker, director of respected Burke’s Peerage, the “bible” of British and European aristocracy, revealed: “President Bush has plenty of royal connections.

“Through his ancestors he’s connected to the Queen of England and crowned heads of Europe, and through his mother he’s descended from President Franklin Pierce.

“And in fact Bush and Kerry are distant cousins through some of New England’s oldest families.

“But on his mother’s side, Kerry is a direct descendant of John Winthrop, first governor of the original Massachusetts Bay Colony. And through that Winthrop connection, Kerry has even MORE royal and aristocratic connections than Bush.

“He’s not just related to the Queen of England on his mother’s side, but the Queen of Holland, the Queen of Denmark, the King of Norway and other European royal houses. Princess Diana was even a distant cousin.”

Brooks-Baker added: “Even though Bush is favored by some to win, I’d put money on Kerry coming out on top. The royal rule always works. Whoever has the most royal connections always wins. It’s an amazing pattern, and it can’t be just coincidence.

“Bush can’t beat the royal odds.”