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Media ‘Expert’ Smears ENQUIRER With CNN Comparison

Pundit's dispute over network's Trump assassination fantasy!

jonathan t. gilliam cnn

Here’s more evidence that appearing on TV as a talking head does not make you a journalist – and certainly not someone who should pass judgment on those who are.

This time the proof comes by way of one Jonathan T. Gilliam, who promotes himself as a former or current Navy SEAL, FBI Special Agent, Federal Air Marshal, Department of Homeland Security Contractor, a CEO, and…yada… yada …yada.

By way of these very spurious-sounding credentials, Mr. Gilliam has managed to secure several appearances on CNN as a bloviator concerning all matters military.

But, apparently, now his expertise extends to journalism, as well. (It’s our fault, we know, or rather that of the news media, in general. We created these monsters. We created them by virtue of a 24-7 cable news cycle that demands constant so-called “experts” willing to go on air at a moment’s notice. We’re so desperate we would mic up Bozo the clown if he was willing, available, and had something half-decent to say.)

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Gilliam has made a living -a profession, a cottage industry- out of such appearances. He has a whole website advertising himself as an “expert” available for them.

He even hosts a Facebook Live broadcast titled — yup, you guessed it — “The Experts.”

But one of his recent interviews – this one with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer — obviously offended his high standards of journalistic integrity. Wolff asked him who would take over if “an incoming president and immediate successors were wiped out on day one?”

Mr. Gilliam didn’t much like this question. It, apparently, was too low-brow for him.

As he later told Newsmax TV: “Having left CNN in November, I will give you my opinion on where they’ve gone, and they are below The National ENQUIRER now, as far as I’m concerned, in news and the quality of what they’re reporting,”

Whoa! Why drag us into it? But since he did, here’s our question to good ole Mr. Gilliam. Have you even read The ENQUIRER, lately? Or do you make such a habit of pontificating on TV — about anything, it seems — that you’ll impugn our brand without having first done the requisite research to form, never mind voice on TV, such an outrageous opinion? It’s understandable, of course, that you would do this given your quasi-career as a man who goes on TV and offers his “expert” opinion on things.

And if you have read The ENQUIRER lately we are eager to hear what story, or stories, so offended you? Was it our work exclusive outing of Charlie Sheen as not only having HIV — but threatening the lives of untold sex partners by continuing to sleep with them without first advising said partners of his potentially fatal illness?

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Was it our groundbreaking series of stories in which Hillary Clinton’s notorious “Mr. Fix It” finally confirmed the existence of a campaign to slander Bill Clinton’s multiple sex victims? Incidentally that investigation also came with a follow-up quoting three former federal prosecutors – one on the record – who confirmed some of Mr. Fix It’s allegations.

Or was it our years of dogged reporting regarding Hillary’s hidden illness before she collapsed on the campaign trail at a 9/11 memorial event?

But if you haven’t read The ENQUIRER — and we suspect you haven’t — kindly do us a favor: Keep your overheated, vacuous, fatuous, unfounded, bloviating “expert” opinions to yourself!

And for god’s sake, shave the goatee. You look like a WWE villain — never mind an “expert” who knows, or claims to know, everything!