Presidential Race

Hillary Clinton’s Shocking 30-Pound Weight Gain!

White House wannabe has started WADDLING.

Hefty hillary NEFriday 2

Hillary Clinton will soon have to be rolled down the campaign trail!

The 68-year-old Democratic frontrunner has packed on a whopping 30 pounds as these exclusive National ENQUIRER photos show!

The unrelenting pressure of the election, exacerbated by Hillary’s Republican rival Donald Trump bringing up her husband Bill Clinton’s countless indiscretions, has been causing her to pig out on snacks in a BIG way, a source said.

“Hillary has been gorging on all manner of fatty, high-calorie foods,” a worried campaign operative revealed.

“The way she can pack it away is simply astounding — everything from pizza, hot dogs, tacos as well as lapping up Dairy Queen ice cream as if it were going out of style.”

At a recent rally in Portsmouth, N.H., one attendee observed that “Hill’s burgeoning hips stretched the fabric of her red jacket nearly to the breaking point,” while another said she “waddled across the stage.”

And Hillary’s new battle of the bulge could be deadly. As The ENQUIRER reported, her health is suffering under the weight of several serious medical issues, many of which were disclosed in a “secret medical file,” uncovered by author Edward Klein and contained in his blockbuster book, “Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary.”

“The reality is she’s in grave danger of not being able to go the distance as this increasingly grueling and nasty campaign heats up in its final months,” revealed a source.

In addition to overindulging, “she continues to hit the bottle with reckless abandon after a long day on the campaign trail,” said an insider.