Shameful Past!

World Exclusive: Why Hillary Will Never Be President!

The National ENQUIRER's special report exposes top-secret investigations!

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Getty/National ENQUIRER

Top-ranked FBI agents and intelligence operatives are speaking out about Hillary Clinton’s shameful past as both Secretary of State and First Lady!

The new issue of The National ENQUIRER — on newsstands now — has the disastrous details about how the ruthless presidential candidate has covered up evil acts that range from the political to the very personal!

Bill Clinton — Secrets Of His $2 Million Mistress

ENQUIRER reporters expose ten of Hillary’s worst moments, including shocking insight into the personal “Hit Squad” that cleans up the dirty messes of both Hillary and her horndog husband.

Hillary Clinton Caught With Lesbian Lovers On Unsecured Phones

Even big-name stars have found themselves ensnared in cold-blooded Hillary’s need to crush any opposition to her schemes for running the country!

Read all about the secrets leaked by high-ranked D.C. insiders! It’s the dirty truth about why Hillary will NEVER be President — only in the new issue of The National ENQUIRER, on newsstands now!