Did Hillary Clinton Sanitize Sundance Documentary To Protect Herself?

Critics charge movie about Anthony Weiner had embarrassing footage cut!

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A documentary about disgraced politician Anthony Weiner set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend may not tell the entire story — because it was edited to remove unflattering footage that could damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign!

That’s the explosive charge from some people who saw an early version of doc — before it was purchased by Showtime and Sundance Selects — that reportedly contained footage of the Hillary urging longtime advisor Huma Adedin to cut ties with Weiner, her husband, out of fears his indiscretions would hurt her campaign.

Readers of The National ENQUIRER already know about another “deleting” scandal that serves as another tawdry alleged link between Hillary and Huma: The pretty political operative is supposedly among those identified as Hillary’s lesbian lovers in private emails stored on Hillary’s personal server, according to a campaign source.

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The documentary “Weiner” was intended to follow the pol’s 2013 bid to become mayor of New York City. But instead of the redemption story filmmakers Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg expected, Weiner torpedoed his chances when he became embroiled in a scandal similar to the sexting fiasco that cost him his job as a congressman from New York — and introduced the world to Weiner’s smarmy alter ego, “Carlos Danger”!

However, Josh — who was Weiner’s chief of staff for years — denies anyone from Hillary’s team appears in the documentary.

“I think that there are a lot of surprises in terms of what people get to see — the access and the human part of his story that they haven’t gotten to see before,” said Josh.

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“It was really about taking somebody who had become really just reduced to one thing in many people’s eyes and getting an opportunity to show that in reality he’s a much more complex and nuanced and interesting human being.”

Elyse agreed, noting that many people have reduced Weiner to a punch line or a caricature. “In the course of our film, you get to spend time with him and see him as a complex, nuanced person. And the same is true for Huma.”