Sanders Sabotage!

Hillary’s Campaign Leaked Photo Of Sunbathing Bernie Sanders

Leaked emails expose dirty trick!

Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Campaign Leaked Disturbing Sunbathing Photo

Hillary Clinton’s campaign got ahold of a photo showing Bernie Sanders in his swimsuit — and they were giddy about releasing the pic to the public!

A leaked email reveals that in February 2016, Bill Clinton’s chief of staff Tina Flournoy emailed a photo of Sanders sunbathing in a red swimsuit while attending the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee retreat.

Leaked Emails Expose Hillary Clinton Drinking Crisis!

Flournoy sent the picture to Clinton’s national press secretary Brian Fallon in an attempt to potentially sabotage the Vermont senator’s presidential campaign.

At the time, the campaign was “attempting to paint Sanders as a hypocrite for attending DSCC fundraisers even while he criticized Clinton for her ties to lobbyists and the Democratic party establishment,” the Daily Caller reported.

The exchange was published as part of an embarrassing release of Hillary campaign chairman John Podesta’s private emails.

“Omg,” Fallon responded when he received the email.

“Can we tweet?” Podesta asked.

“I think we shd give to NY post,” Fallon said.

Hillary’s Dirty Tricks To Cover Up Bill’s Sex Crimes!

The campaign attempted to leak the photo the New York Post, but the paper never published the story.

Instead, staffers turned to blogger Perez Hilton, who posted the picture on Feb. 9 with the caption: “I wonder what Mike Bloomberg would think about this??? Bernie Sanders lounges at elite Martha’s Vineyard pool, summer 2015, after helping raise money from Wall Street lobbyists.’”