Shocking Affair!

Sex-Addicted ‘Monster!’ Bill Clinton’s Mistress Speaks Out

Their sordid secret lasted decades!

Bill Clinton Mistress Affair Dolly Kyle Reveals Secret Relationship
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Bill Clinton’s longtime mistress is making some explosive claims about the former president, including that he was a “sex addict” who she believes assaulted women in his past.

“Knowing he was a sex addict, it was easy for me to believe that. Easy for me intellectually to believe it. Very difficult emotionally,” Dolly Kyle told the Daily Mail about the recent assault allegations against Clinton.

“And that’s when I started realizing, the Billy Clinton I knew was not this monster he became.”

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Dolly, 68, knew Clinton long before he became president of the United States. In her new tell–all, “Hillary: The Other Woman,” Dolly discusses how the two dated casually in high school and in 1974 started an affair after Dolly divorced her first husband.

The former Clinton mistress admitted that Bill would often confess how deeply unhappy he was in his marriage to Hillary Clinton, even calling her “The Warden.” Dolly said that Bill revealed to her he was a sex addict, and that his sex life ended once he began living with Hillary.

As RadarOnline recently reported, Dolly also divulged that Bill had a “low sperm count” and wanted to have a baby so he and Hillary could appear normal amid rumors of his wife’s lesbian lifestyle.

“Now, he did not say Hillary is a lesbian,” Kyle said. “Billy didn’t have to spell out what that meant… Everybody in Little Rock knew the same rumors about Hillary being a lesbian as they did about Billy being a lech.”

Kyle also admitted Hillary had a wild temper — saying that when she found out about an alleged fling Bill was having with a college coed named Marla she “came swooping in from Washington to Fayetteville, went through Billy’s things, found little cards and notes, you know, the cutesy kind of things you do when you’re dating someone.”

She said Hillary “shredded them. She shredded those documents…these were notes to him from Marla, these were things from Marla.”

The sexual assault allegations against Bill have been piling up, with the accusers most recently appearing with Donald Trump prior to the second presidential debate.

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Kyle insisted Bill was never violent to her throughout their affair, but says that she believes the accusers’ claims — and thinks there is a double standard to the media’s coverage of the allegations against Trump and Bill.

“I’m sorry, I’m not saying [Trump] didn’t leer at some girl. I’m not saying he didn’t pat one on the fanny. I don’t know. I don’t know what all of those charges are,” Kyle said — adding that she hopes more of Bill Clinton’s accusers come out publicly.

“When I say please come out and talk about this, they’re afraid,” she said. “Because they know that the mainstream media — if they get on this story — is just going to trash them!”