Tragic End!

Tim Conway’s Sad Final Days

Comic fights for life as wife & daughter bicker over treatment!

Tim Conway — once a comic master of the slow burn and double-take — is so riddled with dementia that he can’t even remember his pal Carol Burnett! The National ENQUIRER has learned that Tim, who also suffers from water on the brain, is caught in a nasty fight between his daughter Kelly and his second wife Charlene, whom he wed in 1984. Kelly, whose mom, Mary Anne Dalton, was Tim’s first wife, went to court late last month claiming Charlene is “planning to move him out of the excellent skilled nursing facility he is currently at” and dump him into a shabby joint where he won’t have “registered nurses at all times and his 24-hour caregiver and speech therapist (to help with swallowing).” Read on for details of Tim’s dire situation, and click here for more news of star’s facing their final curtain calls….