Scary Skinny!

Skeletal Portia De Rossi’s Wasting Away

Stress could be the cause of her weight loss.

Toothpick-thin Portia de Rossi barely weighs 100 pounds, and pals fear her marriage to Ellen DeGeneres is to blame!

Even worse, a medical expert warns the 43-year-old “Scandal” star’s extremely low weight could have fatal consequences!

“Not only does Portia have a heavy workload on ‘Scandal,’ she’s been having problems in her marriage,” said a source. “The stress is starting to show.”

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The Aussie beauty, who’s 5-foot-6, has battled eating disorders for decades, and hit rock bottom in 2000 when she weighed just 82 pounds!

She bounced back after marrying Ellen in 2008, but checked into a rehab facility in May 2014, reportedly for drug-and-alcohol treatment.

Now sources believe the couple’s marital woes, including rumors of cheating — as reported by The National ENQUIRER — may be contributing to Portia’s frail appearance.

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“Emotional stress causes relapses in many people who have suffered this condition, resulting in dehydration and electrolyte abnormalities,” said Dr. Stuart Fischer, a New York physician who has not treated Portia.

“These cause heart rhythm disturbances, which can stop the heart.”