Yankees Go Home!

Sarah & Matthew’s Irish Eyesore In Quaint Village

Locals appalled by stars' extravagant renovations!

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have been slammed for bringing their “Hollywood bulls–t” to their home away from home in Ireland! The “Sex and the City” star and her “War Games” husband Matthew have started extravagant renovations to their huge summer home in Kilcar — but locals are livid by the noise, traffic and clutter the rebuild of the home is causing! “Typical Hollywood bulls–t,” one raging resident told The National ENQUIRER. “They can’t just come over here and live in a modest house. They have to put the most modern fittings in — it’s keeping us all awake, and the local sheep are being driven mad by the noise.” Read on for details of how SJP and Matthew are wearing out the land of a thousand welcomes, and click here for more news of celebrity extravagance….