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Sandra Bullock — Her Stalker Nightmare That Ended In Suicide

'I only want to be a part of your life!'

Sandra Bullock’s long celebrity stalker nightmare finally ended after the obsessed fan who broke into her home in 2014 killed himself — less than a year after walking free on a plea deal after promising to stay away from the “Gravity” star! Joshua James Corbett — who terrorized Sandra at her Hollywood home in 2014 — took his own life after barricading himself in his home on May 2, 2018. The cops had gone to his home in suburban Los Angeles after Corbett had failed to appear for a meeting with his probation officer on April 23. A report by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office would later reveal that Corbett had bled to death from self-inflicted “multiple lacerations” on one leg and both of his arms…