Drastic Plastic!

Sandra Bullock’s Face Fix Freezes Time

Fears 'Blind Side' beauty's hooked on fillers!

Sandra Bullock appears to have puffed up her face like a freshly baked popover — and friends fear the “Miss Congeniality” cutie is overdosing on injectables! “Fillers have always been Sandy’s weakness,” a snitch dished to The National ENQUIRER. The 2018 stress of having lost her beloved father, as well as the on-and-off plans to marry love Bryan Randall, wouild not seem to be showing on Sandy’s mug. “And now that she’s getting a bit older, she’s trying to compensate with cosmetic enhancements.” Read on for expert analysis of the “Gravity” star’s alleged filler fixes, and click here for more news of celebrity plastic surgery….