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‘Robert Blake Was Responsible For Killing My Mother’

Shocking claims by Bonny Lee Bakley's daughter in exclusive ENQUIRER interview!

Robert Blake — who beat the rap for the brutal execution of his second wife, Bonny Lee Bakley, 17 years ago in criminal court but was later held responsible for Bonnie’s death in a civil action — still scares the hell out of Bonnie’s survivors. “I’m terrified of Robert Blake,” Holly Gawron told The National ENQUIRER while visiting the grave of her slain mother, “because I know he was responsible for killing my mother!” Grieving Holly confessed she was petrified to return to her mother’s final resting place because she feared running into the actor. “I don’t want to provoke him in any way,” admitted Holly. Read on for details of Holly’s heartbreaking visit to Bonnie’s grave, and click here for more news of celebrity murder cases….