Fading Fast!

Regis Philbin’s Dying Regrets

TV legend fighting heart disease and facing the end!

Regis Philbin is losing his battle with killer heart disease, leaving the TV icon desperate to mend fences with his former “Live!” co-star Kelly Ripa and the ex-wife of his crippled son, Danny, as he faces his final days, The National ENQUIRER learned from sources. The octogenarian talk-show legend — whose pre-Kelly co-host Kathie Lee Gifford just announced she was leaving “Today”  — admits he hasn’t seen Kelly since 2011 and is shattered by his daughter-in-law’s accusations he abandoned legless son Danny before he died. “Regis desperately wants to make amends and heal all the wounds before he goes,” said a source close to the retired host. “He especially wants to clear the air with Kelly and extend an olive branch to his daughter-in-law!” Read on for details of Regis’s regrets, and click here for more celebrity deathbed worries….