Shocking Secrets!

Royals Shaken As Queen Mary’s Wrath Exposed

Queen Elizabeth's granny depicted as nasty piece of work!

Queen Mary — grandmother to Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s current monarch —.was the ultimate real-life queen of mean! The Queen consort of the United Kingdom from 1910-1936, nasty Mary gave friends recycled flowers, never loved her husband and couldn’t stand her own granddaughter Princess Margaret! Those are the shocking revelations of her official biographer James Pope-Hennessy, author of the blockbuster tell-all “The Quest for Queen Mary.” Mary was the wife of George V and died in 1953 at age 85. After she kicked the bucket, Pope-Hennessy interviewed her friends, family and royal courtiers, and kept notes of their confidential conversations. But he insisted his observations be kept secret for 50 years — and now they’ve dropped like a bombshell! Read on for details of Mary’s crankiness, and click here for more royal gossip….