'Permanent Damage!'

Priscilla Presley Health Crisis Over Killer Plastic Surgery

Shocking results from 'Dr. Jiffy Lube!'

Priscilla Presley continues to show the tragic aftereffects from a quack plastic surgeon who shot her full of poison! “She may well have put her life on the line by overdoing it with all the plastic surgery,” said a friend. “She wanted to look younger and instead the fix has doomed her!” Priscilla recently shocked her fans in America when The National ENQUIRER unearthed shocking footage of her on a British television show — but her bizarre new look may cover up the ultimate in plastic surgery disasters! Priscilla was once considered one of the most beautiful women on the planet — but she now looks positively skeletal, with sunken cheeks, grotesquely puckered lips and scarring on the sides of her mouth. Longtime insiders fear the ex-wife of Elvis Presley is wasting away after cosmetic procedures by the medical fraud who pumped a banned substance into her face…