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Neil Young Marries ‘Poisonous Predator’ Daryl Hannah

Buzz sparks new hopes for CSN&Y reunion!

Neil Young has reportedly married his longtime love Darryl Hannah — with insiders hoping that the nuptials will finally help end the vicious feuding that’s split up Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young! Several sources have reported that the couple finally had a ceremony in Atascaero, Calif., on Aug. 25. The rocker and the “Splash” actress haven’t publicly commented yet, but well-wishers have included pals like Rosanna Arquette and CNN commentator Sally Kohn. The ceremony, with fellow rocker Stephen Stills in attendance, also has insiders hoping that any union will also finally reunite Neil with his old bandmate David Crosby, who once bitterly blasted Daryl for breaking up his old bandmate’s marriage. The classic-rock act of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young hasn’t performed since 2013 — just months before Neil divorced his wife Peg and began dating Daryl, with an outraged David blasting the actress for being a homewrecker!