'Lethal' Edge!

‘Mad Max’ Mel’s Struggles In Bipolar Hell

Gibson's volatile outbursts reflect shocking disorder!

Mel Gibson is a ticking time bomb — locked in the agonizing grip of a mental illness that plunges him into dark depressions and terrifying rages! The scandal-scarred star has struggled to curb his emotions for years in a desperate battle for self-control. “There’s no excusing Mel’s rage-filled behavior, but he’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and that definitely explains it,” a concerned friend confided to a source for The National ENQUIRER. “Mel’s been calm and controlled lately and people are guessing he’s finally on the right medication. They’re hoping he stays on it because things are liable to get ugly otherwise. The fear is he could derail at any time and go off on a mad rant. Mel’s even warned others it could happen!” Read on for details of Mel’s emotional struggle, and click here for news of celebs battling mental illness….