Squabbling Couple!

Meg Ryan Making John Mellencamp Loony Over New Age Obsessions

Pals say she'll consult astrological chart over their wedding!

Meg Ryan has reportedly embraced a wacky New Age lifestyle, with her newfound passion for astrology and meditation said to have set fiancé John Mellencamp’s head spinning! Insiders say that’s the latest twist as the on-again and off-again couple head for the altar. “John shakes his head because she never does anything without consulting her astrological chart,” noted a close source. “She wants her vegan and organic food, and he goes along just to humor her.” Once hooked on plastic surgery, Meg’s now said to be obsessed with wheatgrass shots, grain bowls and mushroom coffee. “She spends hours in mystic bookstores,” said a pal, “and meditates with chants every day.” But that hasn’t been enough to drive John away as he gets ready to wed the movie star who was once “America’s Sweetheart”