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‘Brady Bunch’ Star Maureen McCormick: ‘Mom & Dad Almost Turned Me In To The Cops’

Struggling actress' private drug hell was exposed to Hollywood!

Maureen McCormick enjoyed a suburban life on “The Brady Bunch,” with perfect mom Florence Henderson always ready to solve her problems as Marcia Brady. Her own parents, however, were ready to call the cops over her rampant drug addiction! The beloved sitcom star made the shocking confession to US magazine, saying: “My mom and dad, they almost turned me in to the cops…’cause they had been trying for years and knew something was going on. And I was pretty sneaky and I could hide very, very well.” But while Maureen would survive her private drug nightmare, the former teen idol later admitted that she’d wrecked her showbiz reputation as she joined the ranks of troubled former child stars. Sadly, her downfall began with the end of her hit show, as she first began to turn to drugs as “The Brady Bunch” came to an end in 1974….