Cap'n Comeback!

Matt Lauer Returns To His Love Boat

Still going after ENQUIRER caught the cheating newsman with another woman!

Matt Lauer is determined to rebuild his life after being fired from “Today” over a series of sex scandals — and he’s still proudly boating in the same vessel where The National ENQUIRER caught him with a woman who wasn’t his wife! The disgraced newsman spent Labor Day taking “Resilient” out into the waters of the Hamptons, where he’s been planning a comeback after multiple accusations of sexual harassment. Four summers earlier, exclusive photos showed Lauer cruising around in the same boat with a mystery blonde. An eyewitness told The ENQUIRER that Matt and the woman “acted suspicious” after they noticed a photographer snapping their picture on July 8, 2014. “If they didn’t have anything to hide, then why did the girl duck and try to cover her head to avoid being photographed?” said the eyewitness.