Mad Mission!

Lindsay Lohan Back ‘Off The Rails,’ Say Insiders

Troubling secrets revealed as star struggles for her TV comeback!

Lindsay Lohan is likely headed to a another meltdown, fear pals — who say that the troubled star’s fractured love life was behind her recent bizarre behavior! The erratic ex-con was in Moscow when she was caught on camera stalking a homeless family, insisting that they were Syrian refugees while screaming in heavily accented English: “Tell me your story so I can help you!” When they tried to escape, she bizarrely accused the parents of “trafficking children!” The family’s terrified mother finally wheeled around and slapped the “Mean Girls” star’s cheek before they made their getaway! “Lindsay is off the rails,” said a source close to the actress. “She only got punched in the face this time, but her wacko ways are likely to get her killed!” And, added the insider, Lindsay already had her friends worried over why she ran off to Russia in the first place…