Rough Justice!

Pervert Olympics Doc Beaten By Convicts

Attorney appeals prison sentence — as insiders call Larry Nassar a 'dead man waking!'

Never mind attacks from angry parents of the brave young women who spoke out against him — Larry Nassar is facing brutal prison justice for molesting American gymnasts in a decades-long reign of terror! Less than six months after being put away for his sick crimes, Nassar has reportedly been assaulted in prison. That’s also just six months after insiders told The National ENQUIRER that inmates at the United States Penitentiary in Tucson, Ariz., were eager to get their hands on the disgraced doctor — with one source describing the disgraced therapist as “a marked man.” Nassar “won’t be caged in a cell for long,” the insider told The ENQUIRER. “Convicts have a special hatred for pedophiles, and he’ll be taken out at the first opportunity!”