Back To Feuding!

‘The View’ Hosts At War Over Meghan McCain

Ana Navarro makes her move as show's rivalries return to being heated!

Meghan McCain was warmly welcomed back to “The View” after mourning the death of respected Senator John McCain — but insiders say that recent on-camera clashes have renewed talk of dumping the young Republican! Shortly before Meghan’s father announced his final battle with terminal illness, “The View” insiders had told The National ENQUIRER that “Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg have had it with Meghan. They hate her politics and her stuck-up airs!” At one point, Joy even reportedly groused: “If I hear her say ‘my father’ one more time, I’m going to puke!” Whoopi, meanwhile, was said to be fed up with Meghan’s rude habit of “interrupting” the other panelists. As reported by The ENQUIRER in March 2018, Whoopi and Joy wanted Meghan replaced with Republican strategist Ana Navarro. Now the turncoat conservative is settling into a regular Friday slot just as Joy and Meghan return to bitter brawling on the show…