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John Schneider Lands ‘Dancing With The Stars’ After Doing Jail Time

Alimony woes have star hoofing it — as sex scandal sinks 'Hazzard' comeback!

John Schneider was desperate to get on “Dancing With the Stars” — joining the show’s 27th season after doing jail time for not paying spousal support! But don’t expect to see John’s old “Dukes of Hazzard” co-star Tom Wopat making similar moves. As earlier covered by The National ENQUIRER, John blamed his financial woes on Wopat wrecking a TV comeback after Tom pleaded guilty to groping gals during a theatrical production! Shortly after Tom made headlines getting hit with charges of drug possession and indecent assault, revealed that John had gone to court over owing alimony, claiming that Tom’s arrest cost him big bucks over a canceled “Dukes” reunion! The court papers showed that John owed his ex Elvira a monthly $18,911, with John saying he’s “willing, but unable” to pay the amount after Tom got busted!