Shooting Stars!

Jamie Foxx Makes Katie Holmes Share Her Man In New Orleans

Oscar=winner steps out with his baby mama!

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are each filming new projects in New Orleans — but it’s no romantic rendezvous for the once-secret couple! Instead, what could’ve been a show of true love turned into another display of Katie closing her eyes as Jamie again stepped out with baby mama Kristin Grannis! The National ENQUIRER caught Jamie and his rarely-seen ex taking their daughter Annalise onto the set of “Powers,” which the actor is filming in the Big Easy at the same time that Katie is shooting “The Secret” with Jerry O’Connell. Kristin, a former PR woman, has stayed close to Jamie over the years, with the ENQUIRER even catching them out in April 2018 on what seemed like a romantic date. They were also together just months after Jamie and Katie finally enjoyed some time in public on the beach in 2017, confirming The ENQUIRER’s reports on the star’s secret romance…