Jack Nicholson’s Expanding Waistline

How the Hollywood icon went from superstar to scale crusher as he turns 82

He’s livin’ large! Jack Nicholson celebrated his 82nd birthday on April 22, 2019, and if one thing’s certain, the actor has not only amassed numerous accolades over his decades-long illustrious career, he’s also packed on major pounds.

The megastar kicked off his career as a fit, sculpted young man in his first film, 1958’s The Crybaby Killer, but has slowly let himself go. In 2017, Dr. Gabe Mirkin, who has not treated Nicholson, told The National ENQUIRER that the movie star appeared to have undergone a secret gastric bypass procedure after exclusive photos revealed what appeared to be a scar over Nicholson’s belly button. The physician estimated Nicholson’s weight to be more than a scale-tipping 350 pounds at the time. He’s “clearly suffering from morbid obesity,” Mirkin added.

It was announced in 2017 that the actor was set to star alongside Kristin Wiig in Toni Erdmann, but dropped out in August 2018. Even before he left the project, an insider told The ENQUIRER that there were doubts he’d actually participate. “It’ll be a miracle if Jack makes it that far,” a source had warned. “Every step is a huge effort.”

Insiders have said that acclaimed actor lives life to the extreme. “Like Marlon [Brando, his former neighbor], Jack loves everything to excess,” said one source. “People still see him smoking his cigars, and sometimes, he’ll start wheezing so hard that his eyes start tearing, and the fear is that it could be emphysema. Besides that, he eats every meal like it’s his last.”