ENQUIRER Exclusive!

Herve Villechaize’s Shocking Suicide Secrets

Girlfriend recounts horror night — that he recorded on tape!

Hervé Villechaize — the tormented “Fantasy Island” actor who took his own life in 1993 — made a twisted recording of his suicide, chillingly documenting his last haunted moments! Hervé — the pint-sized 007 nemesis Nick Nack in 1974’s “The Man with the Golden Gun,” made sure his girlfriend Kathy Self (left) was at his home before disconnecting the phones, hiding the gate keys and sneaking outside in the early morning to pump a bullet into his chest. He then squeezed off two more shots. Kathy, now 62, exclusively told The National ENQUIRER how she found 50-year-old Villechaize alive, but bleeding heavily. Read on for details of Kathy’s chilling recollections, and click here for more news of celebrity suicide ….