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Geraldo Rivera: Dylan McDermott’s Long Search For Justice

A lifelong hunt for his mother's murderer!

Dylan McDermott was just five years old when he stood dazed, helpless and horrified on the front stoop of his family’s Waterbury, Conn., apartment as his dying mom, Diane, was wheeled into an ambulance with a bullet hole in her head. For 44 years, he stuffed his memories of that day deep down in his soul — and incredibly, the chilling truth about Diane’s 1967 death was buried along with her! But the star of “Hamburger Hill” and “Steel Magnolias” has incredible grit. Dylan knew something wasn’t right and went after the truth in his late mother’s name. What he found shocked even the most hardened lawman! Read on for details of Dylan’s story, and click here for more true-crime news….

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