Nevada Legend!

Dennis Hof’s Celebrity Cathouse Connections

The notorious BunnyRanch owner's wild life!

Dennis Hof loved life as the notorious owner of the Moonlite BunnyRanch brothel in Nevada — and he loved showbiz even more! The entrepreneur never missed a chance to go Hollywood, and even had a “Game of Thrones” room for fans of the hit HBO show. That was after Dennis found his own fame as a regular on the HBO reality show “Cathouse.” Sadly, the fun came to an end when Dennis died on Oct. 16 after a night of celebrating his 72nd birthday at another of his brothels. His body was found by porn star Ron Jeremy, who told RADAR Online that Dennis boasted of having had “the best night of his life” before retiring to a brothel bedroom with a “sexy Latin girl.” Ron added that Dennis “didn’t do drugs or alcohol.” Instead, the BunnyRanch baron was famously addicted to fame. The legendary businessman even managed to make headlines by winning election as a Nevada state assemblyman three weeks after his sudden death! And, of course, Dennis used his legendary business to surround himself with celebrities…