Post-Rehab Flab!

Sober Demi Lovato Put On A Dangerous 50 Lbs.

Pals fear food has become new way to numb anguish!

Demi Lovato has apparently gained a whopping 50 pounds during her recovery from booze and drugs — and a medical expert warns she’s morbidly obese, which is putting her life at risk! The former Disney starlet spent 90 days in rehab following a July overdose and is now splitting time between a sober house and her home, where she sees Henri Levy, designer of the Enfants Riches Deprime line, whom she met in a clinic. But after studying photos of the star provided by The National ENQUIRER, lifespan expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin — who has not treated the troubled songbird — believes Demi’s weight has rocketed from 121 to 170 pounds, raising serious councerns. Read on for details of pals’ health fears for Demi, and click here for more celebrity rehab news….