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Born To Bluff! Bruce Springsteen Admits Career as Blue-Collar Hero Is Built on Lies

Rockstar boasts he's never worked a nine-to-five job!

Brazen Bruce Springsteen poured scorn on his army of loyal working-class fans by declaring he hates their dull lives — and has never grafted in a nine-to-five job.

The egotistical singer — who has banked $500 million as rock’s No.1 chronicler of lower-class struggles and the drudgery of factory work — proudly declared he “made it all up” when it came to sympathizing with his cash-strapped followers.

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He also boasted about his huge wealth and “wild success” while mocking his father’s life as a drunken factory worker and cab driver.

Springsteen, 69, makes the admissions in a newly-released film of his Bruce Springsteen On Broadway show, which cost audience members up to $10,000 per ticket as many of them were re-sold by touts.

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