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Brad Pitt’s Brainy Beauty Gets Engaged To Banker

How the single hunk's new romance went wrong over the summer!

Brad Pitt reportedly went wild over beautiful and brilliant MIT professor Neri Oxman — but his dreams of a high-power romance have been shattered with news of her engagement to investment banker Bill Ackman! The National ENQUIRER originally had the scoop on how Brad had fallen hard for the noted architect and designer in April. The newly-single star felt that he had plenty in common with the brainy brunette, after spending his own lonely nights in an art studio since his brutal divorce from Angelina Jolie. Niri had denied rumors of a romance, however. Instead, she only publicly commented that she was interested in working with Brad on architectural projects. Insiders then reported that things were looking bad for Brad when Niri flew off to Paris to see Ackman compete in a pro-am tennis tournament. From there, said sources, Neri and Bill got continually closer closer, while Brad kept hoping for a second chance…