Sins Of The Father!

Bill Cosby’s TV Dad Took Comic’s Sick Secrets To The Grave

Sitcom patriarch cashed checks and looked the other way!

Bill Cosby saw to it that his TV dad died a tortured soul — taking the disgraced comic’s sex secrets with him to the grave! Earle Hyman was a fixture on “The Cosby Show,” beloved by millions as Russell Huxtable. The respected actor also had a bird’s-eye view of Bill’s sleazy serial sex abuse before dying Nov. 17 at age 91. “He was aware of what was going on,” a source close to Earle exclusively told The National ENQUIRER, “but did nothing about it.” That was after nearly 60 women accused sex-crazed Cosby of assault. Some of the iconic show’s cast members spoke out to either criticize or defend him — but Earle remained silent! And the respected stage actor wouldn’t have been alone had he stepped forward to blast Cosby’s creepy behavior on the sitcom set