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Bill Cosby Rages As Wife Leaves Him Rotting In Prison

Sex fiend pays $10,000 a week for protection!

Bill Cosby has been deserted by his long-suffering wife, Camille while he’s speaking out from behind bars— and family members fear he’s losing his mind behind bars! The creep has been talking gibberish and hallucinating about his long dead mother, sources told The National ENQUIRER. He’s also blowing $10,000 a week on a team of experts — including two physicians, an army of attorneys, a psychic and a shadowy internet genius known as the “Googler” — devoted to helping him game the prison system! “Members of the team also visit the sexually violent predator twice daily and patch phone calls through to the war room at Cosby’s estate outside of Philadelphia where they’re working.” Read on for the latest details of Cosby’s incarceration, and click here for more news of celebrity crime ….