Ghost-Bark Shocker!

Betty White Brings In Pet Psychic For Talks With Dead Dog

Dead-pooch pep 'talk' easing beloved star's final exit!

Betty White found comfort after the heartbreaking death of her beloved dog Dinah by talking to the pooch from beyond the grave — via a pet psychic. Sources revealed to The National ENQUIRER that the last surviving “Golden Girl” was devastated after golden retriever Dinah died until a pet psychic put them back in touch after the 1991 tragedy. A source close to the tireless legend revealed that talking with the pooch made the animal-loving nonagenarian “happy” and left her “at peace.” Since Dinah was long gone, Betty gave the seer a picture of the pup and one of her old doggie bones taken from a shrine she’d erected for the lost pet, the source says. Read on for details of Dinah’s barks from the beyond, and click here for more news of icons facing sad last days….