Hollywood Cover-Up!

Audrey Hepburn’s Shameful Secret Behind Her Nazi Resistance

Heartbroken star's own parents were loyal to Hitler!

Audrey Hepburn bravely battled the Nazi occupation as a young ballerina in Holland — but her exploits as a spy also covered up her family’s shameful secret! The future star of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” secretly raised money for Dutch Resistance fighters battling Hitler’s forces, and even relayed messages by hiding them in her shoes. The popular local dancer even risked her life to carry a note from the Resistance to a British paratrooper who’d landed in woods near her town. Audrey’s own brave exploits, however, were motivated by her own father serving as a Nazi spy, and her mother’s role as a Nazi sympathizer praising Germany’s fascist movement as the road to a “new world!”

British author Alexander Walker unearthed the horrific family scandal in his biography “Audrey — Her Real Story,” and told The National ENQUIRER of how Audrey’s parents had even “visited Hitler’s headquarters and attended a Nazi rally in Nuremberg.” The author commented on Audrey’s attempts to cover up an Old Hollywood scandal, saying: “It’s no wonder Audrey hid this from the world. When her career was starting up in the early 1950s, it would have ruined her…”