Shocking Secrets!

Aretha Franklin Took Her Feud With Tina Turner To The Grave

Beyoncé rushed to make amends after getting caught in 'Queen' catfight!

Aretha Franklin spent her final days being praised by a roster of hit artists, including Mariah Carey, Patti LaBelle, Paula Abdul and more. But none of the tributes to the dying soul legend mattered more than Beyoncé declaring in Detroit that the night’s concert with Jay-Z was “dedicated to Aretha Franklin,” adding: “We love and thank you.” The moment may have seemed like a special tribute, but it was also a nod to when Beyoncé stumbled into the Queen of Soul’s vicious feud with Tina Turner at the 2008 Grammy Awards. Beyoncé made the mistake of introducing Tina as the “queen” while welcoming the “Proud Mary” singer onstage to perform. The innocent moment turned into yet another of Aretha’s famous celebrity feuds after the diva went public with her displeasure — but others say there was an even bigger secret behind the Tina and Aretha rivalry!