Royally Wrecked!

Princess Grace Exposed As Lousy Mom — By Her Own Daughter

Caroline's secrets of her lonely childhood!

princess grace motherhood scandals
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Grace Kelly was a coldhearted mother — and her husband, Prince Rainier, was a distant dad, declared the couple’s eldest child, Princess Caroline!.

In a new book marking her brother’s 60th birthday, titled “
Albert II of ­Monaco: The Man and The Prince,” the bitter 61-year-old reveals that Grace’s kids had a closer relationship with nanny Maureen Wood!

“Until we were 14,” Caroline wrote, ”we wouldn’t eat with our parents.”

The sullen princess adds that her royal mom and dad had officially banned the two ­siblings from family meals.

“For my brother and I,” said Caroline, “Maureen was the key figure in our life. We were probably closer to our nanny than to our parents.”

And she even added that the royal children couldn’t hide their misery when ­Maureen went on vacation, forcing Grace to beg for the nanny to return!