Mike Walker

Zsa Zsa Gabor — Exploited To Death

Ailing actress used by husband for one last payday!

zsa zsa gabor dying husband dead alive
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Mike Walker Reports… She’s just about dead in her bed, but 99-year-old Hungarian/Hollywood screen icon/sexpot Zsa Zsa Gabor is gearing up to come out of the closet — literally — thanks to her hubby!

Self-styled Bavarian “Prince” Fredéric Von Anhalt is exploiting his near-dyin’ darlin’ for a last-gasp fashion shoot payday!

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Said My Gabor Gossip: “It’s just unbelievable — even though she’s immobile and incoherent in her bedroom chamber at the Bel Air mansion Elvis once owned, her creepy old prince just struck a deal with a European magazine to have professional stylists invade her private closets and snatch out her beloved, glamorous old Hollywood gowns that’ll be worn by professional models — who’ll be photographed prancing around Zsa Zsa’s pad for an upcoming photo spread!”