Whoopi: LIAR!!


WHOOPSIE! WHOOPI GOLDBERG, brace yourself for my bracing “View” – you’re a damn LIAR!

After attacking The National Enquirer’s decision to publish a front-page photo of much-beloved superstar WHITNEY HOUSTON in her coffin (an opinion you’re absolutely entitled to), you irresponsibly spewed a scurrilous lie to co-hosts BARBARA WALTERS, JOY BEHAR, SHERRI SHEPHERD, ELISABETH HASSELBECK – and millions of Americans – asserting that “when my dad passed away, they ran his picture on the cover of The ENQUIRER…!”

Worse, when Sherri – after speculating whether Whitney’s photo had been snapped by family members or funeral parlor staff – asked if “somebody in your family” snapped your dad’s alleged open-casket photo, you slimed the mortuary by saying: “No…it was someone at the place…,” i.e., the funeral home.

FACT: Our paper NEVER ran a coffin pic of Whoopi’s estranged father, a preacher who died of cancer and AIDS, on our front page – OR ANY PAGE! ANYTIME! EVER!!

Further, extensive research reveals that NO open-casket photo of Whoopi’s father was ever published anywhere! (Had you been flying that day, m’dear?)

NOTE to “newswoman” Barbara Walters and ABC: Suggest you create a crack Research Dept. like ours at The ENQUIRER to fact-check defamatory accusations before irresponsible on-air staffers broadcast them.