What a D**K! Ozzy Osbourne driving folks BAT-s**t CRAZY!!

Wildman rocker OZZY OSBOURNE – who made fans GAG when he famously bit the head off a live BAT during a 1982 concert – proved he’s still got his stunning talent for barf-inducing gross-outs when he exited a toilet stall at super-posh LA eatery Cecconi’s, strolled past the communal sinks and was headed straight for the exit door when an appalled patron lathering his paws angrily blew the whistle and barked: “HEY … don’t you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom??” 

Reports My Lavatory Spy: “Ozzy didn’t even miss a beat! Turning his head, he yelled back, ‘Hey … if you keep your d*** clean, you don’t have to!’ … then he just kept on walking!”

(MORE Ozzy bat-s**t: Rocker now wants to convert ancient, bat-infested barn at his UK property into a 2-bedroom home, but authorities insist he cough up about$40 THOU to remove the protected li’l critters safely!